Searching for the best dog treats? You just found the right place. Before buying a treat for your dogs, a number of considerations need to be put in place. Things like the treat size, the surface, and also the purpose.

So, for ease and simplicity when shopping for dog treats, we’ve highlighted 7 of the best dog treat for both big and small dogs.

So, without further ado, why not check out the 7 best dog treats we’ve discovered for you below.

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying Dog Treats

Size: The size of the treat that you give your dog should relate to his size. As such, don’t give your chihuahua a bone expected for a mastiff since it would be an excessive amount to deal with.

Reason: Consider what you’re giving your dog the treats for. In the event that they are for training, consider little treats that are extremely delicious. These are extraordinary in light of the fact that you will utilize them again and again. On the off chance that you are hoping to improve your dog’s dental wellbeing, there are a few dental bites available to help with that reason.

Surface: Decide what the surface of the bone you will give. Delicate treats are incredible for dogs that may have touchy teeth. Genuine bones are awful for hounds since they can possibly break your dog’s teeth or break all alone.

Best Healthy Dog Treats Compilation Chart

Product Features Where to Buy
Natural Balance Mini-Rewards Dog Treats

natural balance

Contains less calories Get it on Amazon
Rocco & Roxie Jerky Sticks

rocco dog treats

Durable Get it on Amazon
Wellness Grain-Free Soft Puppy Bites

wellness gain

Easy to chew Get it on Amazon
Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dog Treats

new ballance limited

Natural Get it on Amazon
SmartSticks Rawhide-Free Dog Chews

smart stick

Easy to chew Get it on Amazon
Greenies Flavors Dental Dog Treats

For healthy teeth and bones Get it on Amazon
Zuke’s Hip Action Dog Treats

dog treats

Durable and very healthy Get it on Amazon


Best Healthy Dog Treats in Size

natural balance

Who says you can’t impart new habits when old ones are so deeply ingrained? Regular Balance Mini-Rewards Dog Treats are an incredible help for dogs of all ages. With less than five calories for each treat, you won’t feel remorseful hurling these to your puppy while preparing him to sit, shake, or roll. You can browse sheep, duck, or chicken; each treat is comprised of 10 percent protein, 6 percent fat, 5 percent fiber, and 28 percent dampness.

The primary fixing is the protein source and Nature Balance never includes wheat, corn, or fake hues or flavors. Analysts state the surface is incredible for dogs of all ages, regardless of whether it’s a getting teeth pup or a senior with sensitivities. Proprietors likewise report that their dogs go insane for these mini treats, and, however you should in any case watch your pooch’s admission, you can securely give your puppy a couple without over-burdening him.

Pros Cons
Best for training dogs Expensive
Contains less calories

rocco dog treats

In the event that you figure your pooch isn’t food-propelled or intrigued by treats, a tasty, sound dog jerky will change that. Rocco and Roxie Jerky Sticks are all-normal meat, chicken, or turkey jerky treats that your pooch makes certain to eat up. Moreover, they won’t leave a rotten buildup on all fours miracle your dog’s stomach.

Made in little clumps, these 6-inch jerky sticks are ideal for preparing (or absolutely as a treat) and contain no soy, wheat, or fake flavors. Each stick is comprised of 20 percent protein, 4 percent fat, 2 percent fiber, and 25 percent dampness. They can without much of a stretch be separated into little nibbles during instructional meetings also. Every 16-ounce pack contains about 25 treats. The organization likewise offers a 100 percent fulfillment ensure.

Pros Cons
Every 16-ounce pack contains about 25 treats None found

wellness gain

Pups are continually developing, and this implies they have unexpected wholesome needs in comparison to grown-up dogs. From training to Wellness, Soft Puppy Bites are an incredible decision for any youthful little guy. The salmon and sheep season contains no corn, soy, fake hues, or enhances and is without grain, so it won’t irritate your doggy’s stomach.

Each treat is made of 14 percent protein, 16 percent fat, 2 percent fiber, and 30 percent dampness. These treats additionally contain a variety of omegas, DHA, and cell reinforcements to help build up your little dog’s skin, teeth, and bones. In addition, each bundle of Wellness treats returns with a cash ensure if under any conditions it doesn’t work out for your puppy.

Pros Cons
Best for small dogs Not ideal for big dogs
Simple to chew

new ballance limited

In the event that your pooch experiences hypersensitivities, bringing new fixings into the eating regimen can cause extra irritation. Taking care of just constrained fixing nourishments, similar to Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dog Treats, is a decent method to restrain the food sources while as yet giving him a treat he’ll adore.

These treats come in six unique flavors, everyone with a predetermined number of protein and starch sources, for example, yam and sheep or potato and duck. Each flavor is sans grain with no added substances or additives and protein is consistently the primary fixing. Each treat is comprised of 13 percent protein, 3 percent fat, 5 percent fiber, and 12 percent dampness.

They likewise come in little variety size, so your little one can securely appreciate. Extraordinary for preparing or as remunerations, Natural Balance will help lighten your dog’s bothersome, dry, sensitivity prompted skin issues.

Pros Cons
Comes in different sizes None found
Help lighten your dog’s bothersome, dry, sensitivity prompted skin issues.

Best Healthy Dog Treats in Texture

smart stick

Most dogs love to bite, yet rawhide can be shockingly risky on the grounds that it can undoubtedly stall out in your dog’s throat and cause gagging. SmartSticks Rawhide-Free Dog Chews are an incredible option for your little guy that cherishes bones, giving him a treat he’ll go wild over without the threats of rawhide.

Look over chicken, yam, or hamburger, all accessible in sizes running from five to 10-gather sacks. These simple to-bite treats are made out of 9 percent protein, 0.2 percent fat, 1.5 percent fiber, and 14 percent dampness.

They are the ideal tidbit to keep in the glove compartment during those long vehicle rides home with your puppy. SmartSticks are unquestionably a dogs top pick, and in spite of the fact that they don’t keep going extremely long—around five minutes for the normal chewer—they’re a treat your dog will cherish.

Pros Cons
Simple to chew None found
Safe and healthy

Doggy breath is an annoyance, however, tooth plaque and rot can be a genuine wellbeing concern. In spite of the fact that vets suggest intensive brushing and ordinary dental cleanings, Greenies Flavors Dental Dog Treats are an extraordinary method to keep your canine’s teeth sound between vet visits. Produced using every single common fixing, Greenies work to clean down to the gum line and diminish plaque and tartar.

They come in blueberry and new mint flavor, and four sizes going from teenie to enormous. Greenies are produced using exceptionally solvent fixings like flour and oat fiber; commentators state even touchy canines digest them well.

Despite the fact that these treats aren’t the best decision for preparing, they’re an incredible method to keep your canine’s mouth sound without a battle. Dogs proprietors rave about their cleaning capacities, taking note of that a large portion of their veterinarians prescribe and love Greenies to comprehend regular mouth issues.

Pros Cons
Best for cleaning teeth None found

dog treats

The way that you’re done preparing your senior dog doesn’t mean he doesn’t merit a treat. Zuke’s Hip Action Dog Treats are made in light of your maturing hound. Each treat is imbued with 300 mg of glucosamine and 50 mg of chondroitin to secure your dog’s joints and bones as he ages. They come in chicken, nutty spread, and hamburger enhances, and are liberated from corn, wheat, and soy.

The main fixing is consistently the protein source, and they’re implanted with cancer prevention agent rich berries to enable your dog to remain solid. Each treat has 10 percent protein, 8 percent fat, 3 percent fiber, and 30 percent dampness. As your dog ages, adding a glucosamine-rich treat to his eating regimen is an extraordinary method to compensate him and keep him solid.

Pros Cons
Best for older dogs none found
Helps to keep the dogs bone strong

How We Picked

We relied on the opinion of experts and feedback from clients based on three major factors: Size, and Texture.

Before publishing this post, more facts and data about these dog treats were gotten from further research and online reviews (both positive & negative). With the result and feedback, we got, we were able to rank each product according to the standard we set.

If you observe the reviews carefully, you’ll see that each dog treat has been carefully categorized according to our research result. However, take note that the treats that didn’t meet our standard were not included among this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Greenies good for dogs?

On the off chance that your dog eats its treats or nibbles with such power that it can break a Greenie in half, be cautious about any bite treats. On the off chance that it bites on a treat for a long time, Greenies are likely as protected as some other

Why do dogs take their treats to another room?

There are dogs that will go just a short distance from their dishes and there are others that will go far or even discover a concealing spot to eat their food. Sense is the most compelling motivation for this. Dogs also long for friendship so he may simply need to see you or be in your essence while he chows.

For what reason do dogs lick you?

Dogs also lick because they like the flavor of a proprietor’s salty skin and habitually. For the most part, with domestic dogs, it’s an indication of affection. Licking releases pleasurable endorphins which gives dogs a sentiment of solace and delight — like the inclination individuals get when they are gnawing their nails — it alleviates pressure.


If you have gone through this review of the best dog treats you’ll observe that all the treats have been specially selected for both big and little dogs.  Having said that, if you’ve you’re ready to buy, we suggest that you take enough time as needed to go through each product again before deciding on which treat to buy.