Carpenter bees are different from other types of bees like honey bees. They live individually and they love boring into wooden structures. Their choice of wood includes pine, cedar, redwood, and cypress. And if you’ve noticed some holes on exposed wood, frames and eaves at home, you may want to check it for possible carpenter bee infestation.

So, to get rid of these carpenter bees we’ve listed and reviewed the 5 best carpenter bee traps available in the market. These traps are easy to use, reusable, and affordable.

So, without further delay, why not check out the best carpenter bee traps below.

Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Carpenter Bee Trap

Application strategy: Deciding how included you ought to be in setting your carpenter bee traps or bait will comprehend which application technique is best for your circumstance. The most immediate bee trap fuses essentially setting traps and discarding them when they’re full. Regardless, in the occasion that you’re fighting a more prominent ambush, you may need to apply a thing to standard bug courses in your home.

Bait type: Carpenter bee traps with bait routinely utilize either fluid or food bait to draw in these aggravations. Since bees are from time to time on the quest for either food, such a trap can be a speedier and logically pragmatic approach to manage battle an intrusion. Two or three gets join fluid and food trap to pull in whatever number bees as would be prudent.

Best Carpenter Bee Trap Compilation Chart

Products Features Where to Buy
Mac’s LLC Carpenter Bee Trap Stained Wood

Mac's lcc bee traps

  • ​Reusable trap
  • ​Easy disposal
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RESCUE Non-Toxic Trapstik

rescure non-toxic

  • ​Attracts bees and other insects easily
  • Produces no chemical smell
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CBS Our Best Carpenter Bee Trap

cbc our best carpenter trap

  • ​Untreated, weathered wood
  • Reusable trap
  • ​Easy disposal
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One of the Best Carpenter Bee Traps

carpenter bee trap

  • ​Untreated, weathered wood
  • ​Easy disposal
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Original B Brothers-Carpenter Bee Trap

oraginal bee brother

  • ​Reusable trap
  • ​Easy disposal
  • ​Large capacity jar
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Mac’s LLC is a maker having some expertise in wooden bee traps. This present Mac’s Bee Trap is made with recolored wood and an artisan container joined at its base. It draws in a wide range of honey bees, most particularly woodworker honey bees. The stain utilized for this snare is USDA affirmed, food-grade shading. It makes the wood look endured and draws the carpenter bees in.

It has gaps on all sides, which make it extraordinary for controlling woodworker bees by making them need to investigate inside It has a chain on top for simple hanging and evacuation. The artisan container connection is likewise removable and replaceable. It is ideal for counteraction and for setting a movement for the current invasion.

Pros Cons
​Reusable trap ​It might take a while to trap bees
​Attracts the carpenter bees to a prospect home

What an approach to get carpenter bees and other flying bugs tan to prod their eyes and bait them to a clingy trap? This is actually the idea driving the Rescue Non-harmful Trapstik. It initially was structured with a chamber trap with clingy covering on top of it. In any case, they improved that plan and incorporated a walled-in area or feathered creature gatekeeper to keep flying creatures from roosting or pecking on the caught inserts and stall out also.

It accompanies a splendid yellow and lime shading with a theoretical example called Visilure, a protected plan that outwardly requests to inserts because of the procedure of phototaxis. The trap is bug spray and substance-free and has a tremendous catching space for a lot of creepy crawlies.

It very well may be hanged in regions where presumed carpenter bee exercises resemble lodges, horse shelters, and the border of the house. It is dispensable and simple to tidy up. Clients are must be careful in taking care of the trap as the glue is extremely solid.

Pros Cons
Produces no chemical smell ​Can trap other insects and even small bats
​Attracts the carpenter bees and other insects with its color and design ​Disposable trap

In the event that you need an all-climate, all-characteristic, and untreated carpenter bee trap, this one from Carpenter Bee Solutions got you back. carpenter bees which are finding a spot to penetrate into and start their craftsman bee homes will clearly get pulled in to a characteristic looking asylum.

The wood looks endured and that can be a possible positive point for this carpenter bee trap. It has an enormous artisan container connection at the base that can oblige a great deal of caught honey bees and inserts. It has a chain that lets you hang it anyplace in the house or outside.

Pros Cons
​Easy disposal ​It might take a while to trap bees
Attracts the carpenter bees to a prospect nesting

Pinewood is one of the most reasonable sorts of wood for carpenter bees to live on. This carpenter bee trap from Mac’s LLC is hand-made to make it extremely alluring to these inserts. It is endured, untreated, and uncovered the wood grains for that normal intrigue to these inserts.

It has a little container associated with it that is about a cup – somewhat littler than that of its rivals. It has gaps on 4 sides and a dark chain for adaptable hanging.

Pros Cons
​Reusable trap ​Might be too light for outdoors and moderate winds
​Untreated, weathered wood ​Need to empty the trap jar often

In spite of the fact that carpenter bees appear to lean toward delicate kinds of wood, this honey bee trap from Original B Brothers is made with a hardwood material. It is shrewd on the grounds that the wood carpenter bees won’t generally bore the wood itself, however, it needs to fill them the need to investigate it as a potential natural surroundings.

The hardwood material is reasonable for outside conditions and can be utilized for an extremely lengthy timespan. The body is unpolished and liberated from synthetic concoctions and the glass container that accompanies it is solid and reusable. The standard bundle accompanies two (2) screw snares and a chain for hanging.

Pros Cons
​Large capacity jar ​It might take a while to trap bees
​Easy disposal

Donaldson Farms Carpenter Bee Trap Lure


Regardless of whether your trap is unpolished or treated when you get it, it can generally utilize support to ensure you drive the carpenter bees straightforwardly to the trap. Donaldson Farms Carpenter Bee Trap Lure is a non-harmful, non-compound fluid that in a split second pulls in carpenter bees. Just put 5 to 6 drops of the fluid at the base of the container and spot it back on to the snare. You can likewise put a couple of drops on the fluid inside and around the snare gaps.

At the point when they smell the fluid at the base of the container, they will look for it and they will always be unable to discover out. This is additionally the most ideal approach to veil any human fragrance left on the trap during the set up that may drive the bugs away. For ideal outcomes, reapply the bait once per week, and each time you clean the container or jug connected to the snare. This bait will likewise deal with chamber stick snares for honey bees and wasps. Client reports state that this fills in as quick as 24 hours.

Pros Cons
Non-toxic none found
Works fast

How We Picked

During our review, more facts and data about these carpenter bee traps were gotten from deep research and online reviews (both positive & negative). With the result and feedback we got, we were able to rank each product according to the standard we set.

Looking at our review, each bee trap has been carefully categorized according to our research result. Also, take note that the carpenter bee traps that didn’t meet our standard was not included among this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do carpenter bee traps attract more bees?

Carpenter Bee Traps do not require lure. When there is one bee in the trap, hope to see many more! The dead bees release a pheromone that is exceptionally alluring to other carpenter honey bees. The more dead bees, the more attractive the trap will get!

Do carpenter bee traps really work?

The container eventually traps the bees, where they die and are later evacuated. Richly straightforward and wildly effective, the trap basically duplicates the bee’s nest. The bees happily slither into deliberately pre-penetrated gaps in a wooden square, however, once inside, the bees can’t discover the passageway gaps.

When should you put out carpenter bee traps?

carpenter bees are exceptionally pulled in to the pheromone delivered by dead carpenter bees! Keep the traps up right until the finish of the fall. Store them in a dry spot over winter, and afterward place the traps back out right toward the start of spring!


If you’ve read this review, it implies that you are searching for the best carpenter bee traps and perhaps you’re ready to buy. If that be the case, we suggest that you take as much time as is needed to go through each product and pay closer attention to its features, advantages, and disadvantages before buying.