Best Grub Killers

Grub infestations are normally noticed when brown patches begin to appear on your lawn for no just cause.  These infections are not easily eradicated, however, we’ve highlighted below the best products to combat these problems. So, if grubs are giving you a hard time to eradicate, these 5 best grub killers will eliminate any amount of grub in your yard including their eggs.

So, without further ado, why not check out the 5 best grub killers we’ve discovered for you below.

Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Grub Killer

Item Type: The first step is making sense of what sort of thing you have to use. You will use this as the controlling variable on which you finally purchase.

Amount: Be careful that you are purchasing enough to cover the locale around your home. You would incline toward not getting mostly through the application and run out.

Cost: Thirdly, your spending plan is going to play a factor in what you pick. There are things open in most worth extents, so you should have the choice to find something that works with your wallet.

Reason: Finally, you should guarantee that the thing you pick is proposed for such a creepy-crawly you are endeavoring to slaughter. If you are overseeing grubs and ants, you’ll have to use one thing to free your home of both.

Best Grub Killers Compilation Chart

Products Features Where to Buy
scott grub ex
  • The active ingredient is Chlorantraniliprole
  • Broadcast in spring or early summer
  • Only use once a year
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bio advance
  • Manufactured by Bayer
  • The active ingredient is Trichlorfon
  • Works within 24-hours
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cold pressed
  • All-natural grub killer
  • The active ingredient is Azadirachtin
  • It can be used up to the day of harvest
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  • The active ingredient is Carbaryl
  • The easiest product to use
  • Kills other pests too
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gabriles organic
  • All-natural
  • Only attack Japanese beetle grubs
  • Long-term solution
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  • All-natural pest control
  • Natural predators that hunt larvae
  • Nematodes disappear as larvae die
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Scotts GrubEx1 is a compelling, long haul grub killer. The dynamic fixing is Chlorantraniliprole, a remedial and precaution chemicals that goes on for as long as four months. It controls garden grubs without harming nightcrawlers and soil microorganisms. It requires 2.87 pounds of granules per 1000 square feet of yard.

Water the grass with an inch of water (utilize an estimating chamber to gauge how much water you’re utilizing) to actuate the granules at that point let the yard dry. It forestalls grub harm to grassroots before grubs incubate. It slaughters grubs after the eggs incubate and before they are sufficiently experienced to endure the pesticide.

It’s anything but difficult to utilize however it very well may be dangerous to pets and youngsters when it is first applied.

Pros Cons
Won’t harm earthworms or soil bacteria Hazardous to pets and children when wet
Use 2.87 pounds per 1000 square feet

Produced by Bayer Advanced Crop Science, this is publicized as a 24-hour-grub-executioner that contains Dylox™. It’s a grub-executioner in addition to on the grounds that it likewise murders ants, armyworms, cutworms, earwigs, grasshoppers, millipedes, ticks, and that’s just the beginning.

A 10-pound pack of granules will cover 5000 square feet of garden. It should be vigorously watered in during the initial 24-hours after application and it ought to be utilized in the spring or late-spring for best outcomes. Pets and kids ought to be kept off the garden until it has totally dried, and a few clients have detailed that it requires a second application in the tumble to be successful.

Pros Cons
10-pound bag covers 5000 square feet Hazardous to pets and children when wet
Kills many other insects as well as grubs May require a second application in the fall

This is 100% cold-squeezed neem oil from neem seeds. The active ingredient is Azadirachtin. It is yellowish-earthy colored with a solid garlic or sulfur smell. ​ It diminishes bug taking care of and makes hormonal uneven characters making it hard for grubs to lay eggs.

It must be blended in with water, 2-3 teaspoons for each 32 ounces of water, at that point spray on the yard. Early morning or late night is the best an ideal opportunity to forestall consuming the plants. To control grubs, you’ll need to spray it every day for around three weeks.

Try not to get the unadulterated neem oil on your skin or in your eyes, and make certain to get kids far from it.

Pros Cons
No chemical Keep children away from it
Easy to use Don’t get it directly on your skin or in your eyes

This is the most straightforward item to utilize. It comes in three 1-pound shaker bottles. Simply shake the residue over the zone you’re treating. Since it’s a residue, ensure you do it promptly toward the beginning of the day or late at night when there’s no twist, else, it will overwhelm. The active ingredient is 5% carbaryl.

It’s a decent grub worm therapeutic just as being helpful for conventional nuisance control outside. Carbaryl is less viable than Trichlorfon however it’s better for treating little territories, so there is a compromise. In case you’re treating a little yard or one region of your yard, Sevin Dust merits genuine thought.

Pros Cons
Good for treating small areas Less effective than other grub killers
Comes in three 1-pound shaker bottles

Smooth spores are common and safe. They won’t hurt creatures, fowls, honey bees, gainful bugs, fish, plants, or individuals. They just assault the hatchlings of Japanese bugs. In the event that you have any grubs other than Japanese scarab grubs, this preventer won’t work for you.

This is a drawn-out arrangement and the best outcomes won’t be seen until following a year has passed. You can apply it with a hand spreader whenever from spring through the fall. This 20-pound sack covers 7000 square feet of yard.

Pros Cons
Won’t harm off-target insects, fish, birds, or mammals It takes a year to start seeing results
Covers 7000 square feet

Advantageous nematodes are tiny roundworms that assault in excess of 200 types of soil insects and bugs. They are regular predators and parasites that won’t hurt nature, individuals, or pets. They are anything but difficult to apply with a siphon up sprayer. Empty the nematodes into water at that point splash them over the yard.

The nematodes start chasing for bug hatchlings and entering them through normal body openings. Once inside, they discharge hurtful microbes. The nematodes can possibly endure when there are have hatchlings for them to benefit from. As the grub populace shrivels, so does the nematode populace.

Pros Cons
Kill 200 species of soil pests May kill some beneficial insects
Won’t harm the environment

How We Picked

During our review, more facts and data about these grub killers were gotten from deep research and online reviews (both positive & negative). With the result and feedback we got, we were able to rank each product according to the standard we set.

Looking at our review, each product has been carefully categorized according to our research result. Also, take note that the killers that didn’t meet our standard was not included among this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get rid of grubs fast?

Nematodes are little, parasitic worms that will invade grubs and execute them. You basically shake them up in water and apply them to your garden. This is a drawn-out arrangement however and can take as long as 3 years to completely control your pervasion. In the event that you need a faster solution, you can utilize a grub killer.

Does Dawn dish soap kill grubs?

Sunrise dish cleanser slaughters grubs in the yard by covering and choking out them. To get free of grubs using dish cleanser, blend 3 tablespoons of soap with 1 gallon of water and shower it on the swarmed yard. The soapy liquid will likewise meddle with the exoskeleton of grown-up insects and kill them.

Is there a natural way to kill lawn grubs?

Natural Grub Treatment Which are all viewed as sheltered and powerful. These incorporate smooth spore, neem oil, and nematodes –  available at most nursery habitats. Valuable nematodes are additionally utilized as natural grub treatment. These little, soil-abiding worms discharge microscopic organisms into the soil that contaminates and kills grass grubs


If you’ve read this review, it implies that you are searching for the best grub killers and perhaps you’re ready to buy. If that be the case, we suggest that you take as much time as is needed to go through each product and pay closer attention to its features, advantages, and disadvantages before buying.