Keeping chameleons as pets isn’t an easy task. Although, they look amazing and fun to have, however, one of the most important equipment to have that will help you administer proper care to your chameleon, is a cage.
 Chameleons cage comes in different sizes and designs and the ones we’ve reviewed below are the best in the market. They’re durable, easy to maintain, spacious, and filled with other accessories.
 So, if you’re looking for the best chameleons cage to buy, you just found the right place.

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Chameleons Cage

Construction: Chameleons are exceptionally smart, so ensure the cage is produced using great materials and developed well. It additionally needs to hold warmth and stickiness yet additionally be ventilated to allow in air and natural light.

Vertical space: Your chameleon needs a lot of space to climb, so pick a pen that is taller than it is wide and give heaps of plants to it to get on.

Sufficient measurements: A grown-up chameleon can match 27 inches in length in certain species, so it is ideal to give grown-ups a cage at any rate 3 feet wide by 3 feet deep by 4 feet tall. Youthful chameleons need, at the very least, 16x16x30 inches.

Customizable for lighting: Chameleons need 10 to 12 hours every day of UVA and UVB light notwithstanding a few luxuriating regions, so your cage should be adaptable or possibly have spots to put these installations.

 Best Chameleon Cages Compilation Chart

Product Features Where to Buy
Get it on Amazon
Get it on Amazon
Get it on Amazon
  • Double front door for easy access
  • Includes lighting system and ventilation
  • Natural-looking rocky background
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  • Fresh air screen habitat to customize
  • PVC bottom is durable and water-resistant
  • Double front door for escape-proof access
Get it on Amazon
  • Corrosion-resistant, high-quality frame
  • Large hinged front doors for access
  • Cricket-proof screen provides ventilation
Get it on Amazon
  • Extra-large and tall dimensions
  • Hinged double doors for easy access
  • Key-lock security to prevent escape
Get it on Amazon
  • Deluxe open-air habitat, well ventilated
  • Comes with LED lighting system
  • Easy to assemble, hardware included
Get it on Amazon
  • Tough screen top for ventilation
  • Double doors for easy access to clean
  • Raised bottom frame with waterproof bottom
Get it on Amazon
  • Dimensions are taller than they are wide
  • Glass terrarium holds up to 5” water
  • Mesh top for ventilation
Get it on Amazon

Best Chameleon Cages in Durability

Zoo Med Repti Breeze

zoo med reptile

Materials: Metal, wire mesh screen| Dimensions: 16x16x30 inches| Features: Comes with lighting and decorations

In the event that you have no clue about where to begin in finding the correct cage for your chameleon, you can’t turn out badly with the Zoo Med Repti Breeze Chameleon Kit. All things considered, it has “chameleon” in the name!

This unit is intended to be a starter pack for chameleon proprietors, so it estimates 16x16x30 inches, a perfect size for youthful chameleons. It works for all chameleon species and accompanies the entirety of the necessities including the Repti Breeze outside the cage, an advanced thermometer, a tropical lighting pack, and various adornments to kick you off. It even accompanies supplement tests.

Pros Cons
Comes with lighting kit and thermometer Included lighting may not be adequate in some climates
Mesh sides for ventilation and natural light Mesh is somewhat fragile, handle with care

Materials: Metal, wire mesh screen| Dimensions: 24x24x48 inches| Features: Large from door, bottom door, ventilated

On the off chance that you like the possibility of the Zoo Med screen cage above yet you need something that will last all through your chameleon’s life, consider a bigger choice like this Zoo Med Repti Breeze Open Air Screen Cage.

It estimates 24x24x48 inches, giving a lot of vertical space to your chameleon to climb. It is produced using tough materials with a metal casing and wirework to permit ventilation. It likewise has a huge front door for simple access and a base door for cleaning the substrate.

Pros Cons
Big front door for easy access/cleaning Requires some assembly
Corrosion-resistant materials for durability Not a complete kit, doesn’t come with lighting

Materials: Metal, wire mesh| Dimensions: 18x18x24 inches| Features: Large hinged door, corrosion-resistant

Another alternative in a starter cage for chameleons is this Exo Terra Screen Terrarium Small. It is produced using erosion safe materials which is significant for a rainforest territory.

It likewise includes an enormous pivoted front door so you can undoubtedly get to the cage for clouding, cleaning, or feeding your chameleon.

Pros Cons
Corrosion-resistant materials for durability May not be as sturdy as some models
Large front door for easy access/cleaning Maybe a little small for very large chameleons

Materials: Metal, wire mesh| Dimensions: 18x36x36 inches| Features: Corrosion-resistant, double door

In the event that you need to redo your own chameleon cage however, the model above is excessively little, attempt the Exo Terra Screen Terrarium Large.

It quantifies a full 18x36x36 creeps with an excellent, erosion safe dark anodized aluminum outline and solid work screen.

It has a similar double entryway front with a turning base entryway for simple access for cleaning.

Pros Cons
Cricket-proof screen provides ventilation Small insects may be able to slip through frame
Corrosion-resistant, high-quality frame Some assembly required

Best Chameleon Cages in Design

Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat

exo terra rain forrest

Materials: Glass, wire mesh| Dimensions: 18x18x24 inches| Features: All-glass, double door, wire top

In case you’re worried about keeping your chameleon’s enclosure sufficiently warm and muggy enough, a full-screen cage probably won’t be the correct decision.

This Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat is an incredible choice since it is a full-glass terrarium with a worktop for ventilation.

It highlights a double front door for simple departure free access and accompanies a minimal lighting framework too.

Pros Cons
Natural-looking rocky background Some of the decorations may not be the highest quality
Includes lighting system and ventilation Bulbs need to be purchased separately

Materials: Aluminum, PVC, mesh| Dimensions: 18x18x30 inches| Features: Escape-proof, PVC bottom

Starter units are incredible, however once in a while, you simply need to modify your chameleon cage with your preferred frill and enrichments.

This Zilla Fresh Air Screen Habitat for Reptiles is the ideal spot to begin since it is a natural air screened-in territory structured explicitly for reptiles.

It includes a double front way to forestall escape without trading off access and a PVC-base that is solid and water-safe. Simply include your picked enrichments and gear!

Pros Cons
Double front door for escape-proof access Materials may not be as sturdy as some models
PVC bottom is durable and water-resistant Doesn’t come with any accessories or equipment

Materials: Aluminum, wire mesh| Dimensions: 24x24x48 inches| Features: Aluminum frame, LED lighting system

Another choice from Zoo Med is this Repti Breeze LED Deluxe Habitat. It quantifies a full 24x24x48 inches which makes it bigger than certain models yet at the same time has the ventilated screen work sides.

It likewise accompanies a LED lighting framework to kick you off.

Pros Cons
Easy to assemble, hardware included Included lighting may not be enough
Comes with LED lighting system Mesh is somewhat fragile, handle with care

Best Chameleon Cages in Size

Carolina Custom Cages Extra Tall

caroline custom cage

Materials: Glass, wire mesh| Dimensions: 18x36x36 inches| Features: Waterproof base, hinged doors, key entry

On the off chance that you don’t have a specific spending plan at the top of the priority list and you need something that is going to last your chameleon’s whole lifetime, consider this Carolina Custom Cages Extra-Tall Terrarium.

Produced using top-notch materials with a 12-inch waterproof base and sliding door, this pen is a show-stopper.

Pros Cons
Hinged double doors for easy access Very expensive compared to other options
Extra-large and tall dimensions Some assembly required

Materials: Glass, wire mesh| Dimensions: 24x18x18 inches| Features: Double doors, raised bottom

Despite the fact that not planned explicitly for chameleons, this all-glass terrarium is a conventional alternative.

It includes a worktop for ventilation and a raised base that can be utilized with a substrate warmer.

It likewise has double front entryways for simple access.

Pros Cons
Tough screen top for ventilation Dimensions are longer than they are tall
Raised bottom frame with waterproof bottom

Materials: Glass, wire mesh| Dimensions: 12x12x18 inches| Features: Lighting included, mesh top

In case you’re searching for a little terrarium to use as an impermanent tank or to house an infant chameleon, this Zilla Vertical Tropical Kit may work.

It is excessively little for a grown-up chameleon however can be utilized after all other options have been exhausted.

Pros Cons
Mesh top for ventilation Too small for fully grown chameleons
Dimensions are taller than they are wide Less durable than other models

How We Picked

Before publishing this post, more facts and data about these cages were gotten from further research and online reviews (both positive & negative). With the result and feedback we got, we were able to rank each product according to the standard we set.

If you observe the reviews carefully, you’ll see that each chameleon cage has been carefully categorized according to our research result. However, take note that the racks that didn’t meet our standard were not included among this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep a chameleon in a glass tank?

Because chameleons generally require taller walled in areas with brilliant ventilation, these screen-sided fenced-in areas give a generally modest wellspring of lodging that gives elevated levels of wind current and a lot of outside air. Glass terrariums are not planned to keep fish and are intended for wind current.

Do chameleons bite humans?

Chameleons are lone creatures. Constrained taking care of or undesirable handling can cause murmuring and biting. A chameleon bite is agonizing, be that as it may, not poisonous or destructive to humans. Chameleons have various characters – some greeting being taken care of, while others favor not to be contacted.

How big of a cage do chameleons need?

Chameleons ought to be housed independently. Pick an all-around ventilated terrarium or screened nook that is at any rate 16 x 16 x 30 inches. Line the base of the natural surroundings with reptile cover, 2 to 3 creeps of coconut fiber, or reptile bark.


Having read our review, searching for the best chamaeleons cage wouldn’t be as difficult as it was. However, ensure you check out the necessary features, pros, and cons of your preferred choice before purchasing.