Looking for the best hamster cages to buy? You just found the right place. Taking care of hamsters is not an easy task and just like other pets, they require a comfortable place to live.Below, we’ve highlighted and reviewed the 7 best hamster cages available in the market. So, if you’ve been having a hard time finding the best cage for your hamsters, you can’t go wrong with these ones we’ve listed below.

Having said that, let’s check out the 7 best hamster cages available today.

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Hamster Cages

Size: Choosing a trap that is the right size for your critter is basic in making a solid and glad condition. We suggest that you pick a natural surroundings within any event 360 square inches of floor space. Truth be told, an exploration bunch played out a serious examination where they housed hamsters in various measured enclosures and broke down their wellbeing over a multi-week period. The analysts finished up that “The results demonstrate that lodging in little pens initiate incessant pressure” So when settling on your choice, recall that greater is in every case better.

Materials and Design: There are three essential choices with regards to picking which sort of material you should search for in a cage. These incorporate plans made of metal bars, plastic, or glass, with each accompanying their own arrangement of advantages which will be talked about later. By and large, it’s important to gauge the options individually and conclude which is best for you and your hamster.

Simple to Clean: Ease of cleaning is a frequently ignored component of a hamster cage, yet greatly important while thinking about that the suggested recurrence of cleaning is previously seven days. This is the place wire cage holds the greatest bit of leeway, as there are regularly numerous passages that take into consideration simple cleaning access.

Entryways and Entry Points: Look for cages that offer different purposes of section that permit you to effortlessly evacuate your hamsters and adornments for a simple clean. Passageways shift by model, yet search for one that offers removable tops and bases to give you alternatives for making sense of the most ideal approach to access and clean. Metal enclosures are regularly an incredible choice and offer various passage focuses, yet plastic and glass alternatives will be simpler to amass.

Versatility: The significance of transportability changes from individual to individual. In case you are somebody who either goes with their hamster regularly or moves on a semi-visit premise, at that point compactness is unquestionably something you ought to consider. Key highlights with regards to versatility incorporate weight and sort of frill. Search for a moderate pen with connectable assistants to make traveling an issue free encounter.

Best Hamsters Cage Compilation Chart

Product Features Where to Buy
Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage


  • Great design
  • durable
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Kaytee CritterTrail Small Animal Super Habitat


  • Spacious
  • Well designed
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Ferplast Hamsterville Hamster Cage


  • Perfect for climbing and exploring
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WARE Chew Proof Small Animal Critter Cage

  • Powder-coated
  • Easy to clean
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Savic Extra Large Hamster Cage


  • Comes with extra accessories
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Prevue Pet Products Universal Small Animal Home


  • Extra-large
  • Durable
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Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

midwest delux

  • Easy to Clean
  • double doors
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Best Hamster Cages in Durability


Regardless of their name and littler stature, dwarf hamsters still require a lot of space to meander, similar to this 340 square inch cage. The other significant thought is the space between the bars; you’ll need an enclosure with bars walls no further ¼-separated, similar to this one, in any case, your adorable critter may just barely get through the bars and departure.

The enclosure accompanies a hamster wheel for work out, a hamster cover up away for resting, a food dish and a water bottle. Analysts love that the profound transparent base gives their textured companion a lot of room to tunnel and home.

Pros Cons
Comes with an exercise wheel None found

Purchasing adornments for your cage can include rapidly. This one may cost progressively forthright, however as it accompanies burrows, practice wheel, two houses, a penthouse, a water jug, and the sky is the limit from there, you may find that you spare more than if you had bought everything independently.

Commentators love that the pen is an ample 31.5 x 20 x 20 inches and that you can improve all the embellishments so your hamster will never get exhausted. The enclosure has two enormous handles, which are incredible in the event that you’ll be toting your hamster all around.

Note this isn’t suggested for overshadow hamsters as the wires are dispersed .37 inches separated.

Pros Cons
Comes with a lot of accessories Expensive

Best Hamster Cages in Size


Considering bringing home a couple of hamsters? It’s alright to keep two same-sex overshadow hamsters in a similar cage—as long as they are raised together. (Grown-up predominate hamsters and Syrian hamsters of all ages ought to be housed independently as they are regional.)

When picking a cage for two, you’ll need an enclosure that is marginally bigger, similar to this one from CritterTrail that has a sum of 540 square feet of living space, so they have a lot of space to wander.

This pen additionally accompanies a rack, a slope, and a port door connector so you can without much of a stretch extra cylinders and passages.

Pros Cons
Plenty of features Expensive


Some hamster guardians stress that their little folks need more space to wander or space for toys—at more than 600 square feet this enclosure more than takes care of that issue.

Notwithstanding abundant room, you’ll locate there’s a huge base for settling, a stage with a stepping stool for work out, and an enormous entryway on the top and one as an afterthought.

Commentators note that it’s easy to amass and doesn’t require any apparatuses to do as such and that it’s anything but difficult to take separated come cleaning time.

With wires separated ⅜ inch separated, this enclosure is most appropriate for Syrian hamsters and not predominate hamsters.

Pros Cons
Very spacious Expensive

Best Hamster Cages in Design


A wide range of hamsters are dynamic animals, so the more they need to investigate in their cages, the better. This staggered stage cage gives your pet three wooden stages with joined wooden stepping stools that are ideal for climbing and investigating. Your little person will likewise adore the included exercise wheel where it can consume off any abundance energy.

The pen likewise accompanies a hamster safehouse, water jug, and food dish. Another thought with cage is: how simple would they say they are to clean? This enclosure has a removable base that can without much of a stretch be evacuated by means of a side entryway on the base for brisk cleaning.

Pros Cons
Easy to clean Not very durable
Best to exercising hamsters

Hamsters normally prefer to bite. While you could get a glass aquarium, numerous individuals discover them difficult to clean, and, as they’re not all around ventilated, they can will in general get stinky. In the event that you find that your small heap of hide is extraordinary at biting, you’ll need to put resources into a bite evidence cage like this one.

The powder-covered, all-metal wire deflects biting as does the bite evidence structure—your critter won’t have the option to nibble the plastic base. The top part falls off for simple cleaning and the entrance door has a wellbeing lock so you won’t need to stress over your little mate getting away. The pen has a lot of space for a wheel or resting zone.

Pros Cons
Easy to clean Not well ventilated
Well designed

midwest delux

While hamsters are a low upkeep pet, they are certainly not a zero support pet. You’ll have to take care of them, give them water, play with them and clean their pens normally.

This cage makes that last part simple gratitude to full-width swinging doors that let you effectively expel the sealed base search for gold and sprucing up your pet’s sheet material.

The main drawback is that you’ll need to ensure your hamster isn’t arranging a departure before you open the door for cleaning or taking care of. The pen is an enormous 900 sq. ft. furthermore, has four locking wheel casters so you can move it from space to room.

Pros Cons
Easy to clean None found

How We Picked

We relied on the opinion of experts and feedback from clients based on these three factors: Design, Durability, and Size.

Before publishing this post, more facts and data about these hamster cages were gotten from further research and online reviews (both positive & negative). With the result and feedback we got, we were able to rank each product according to the standard we set.

If you observe the reviews carefully, you’ll see that each cage has been carefully categorized according to our research result. However, take note that the hamster cages that didn’t meet our standard were not included among this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big of a cage does a hamster need?

Focus on at least 24 inches by 12 inches, and in any event 12 inches tall. Notwithstanding, to keep your hamster active and cheerful, attempt to get a bigger cages—when it comes to hamster cages, bigger is in every case better. Syrian hamsters need ample space to run and play, and the genuine floor space of the cage is significant for this.

Are hamsters happy in cages?

Some hamsters enjoy human consideration and other hamsters find joy in making tunnels or through exercise. The greatest issue of why your hamster might be miserable is that its cage is too small. Hamster cages like those by Critter Trail let you associate additional cages or add cylinders to get by space.

Are wire cages bad for hamsters?

Wire cages that give more stature than width or length is bad, on the grounds that most hamsters needn’t bother with height, they need floor space. Well-designed wire-top cages have doors put with the goal that a human can open them varying and venture into any piece of the pen to get to the hamster or clean the space.


Having read our review, searching for the best hamster cages wouldn’t be as difficult as it was. However, ensure you check out the necessary features, pros, and cons of your preferred choice before purchasing.